Samaritan PAD 360P - automatic AED

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Introducing the HeartSine 360: A Fully Automatic Defibrillator

Presenting the HeartSine 360, a completely automatic defibrillator designed for easy and efficient use in emergency situations. Unlike the semi-automatic HeartSine 350, where manual shock activation is required, the HeartSine 360 operates automatically, delivering the necessary shocks without any manual intervention.

Design and Functionality

Design-wise, the HeartSine 360 mirrors its predecessor, the HeartSine 350. The casings, battery setup, and pad operations are identical. The primary difference is in the front control area, where there's no shock button due to its fully automatic nature.

Simple Operation

Activation of the HeartSine 360 is done by pressing the start button. It retains the indicator lights from the previous model, guiding you through pad placement, safe-to-touch instances, and when to stand clear. A central light indicates when the unit is processing a shock delivery, completely removing the necessity for manual shock initiation.

Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Defibrillators

Whilst fully automatic defibrillators, such as the HeartSine 360, are less prevalent in community settings compared to semi-automatic units, they are becoming more popular. The HeartSine 360's ability to manage shock delivery autonomously allows rescuers to focus on other crucial aspects like performing CPR.

The HeartSine 360: Simple, Easy-to-Use, and Fully Automatic

If you're seeking a defibrillator that operates autonomously, enabling you to concentrate on critical CPR, the HeartSine 360 is your answer. This machine’s simplicity and ease of use make it an essential addition to any first aid equipment list.