After you have used a HeartSine AED

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After use, you need to make sure that the AED unit is ready for when it is needed again.

Some AED units have spare pads, so this can be done very quickly. If not, you will need to contact your supplier for new pads . Some AED manufacturers may provide new pads free of charge in exchange for the data from your AED, so it is always worth contacting them to find out.

The manufacturers do this because the more data they can gather from the units relating to actual heart rhythms the more they can improve their AED units to help to save more lives.

To access the data from a HeartSine unit you can connect your unit via a USB cable to your computer. You would need to download the free software first and then take the data from the unit.

Remember that with the HeartSine AED when you change the pads you are also replacing the batteries. Make sure that you update the battery date and the PAD dates in your records for the AED unit, so that you have an accurate record of when they were changed and when they are due to expire.