Lifepac CR2

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Exploring the LifePac CR2 AED's Advanced Capabilities

Introduction to LifePac CR2

The LifePac CR2 stands out in the AED market with its advanced features and options for both fully and semi-automatic models, catering to a range of emergency scenarios.

Connectivity and Data Management

The CR2 offers WiFi and 3G connectivity, enabling efficient maintenance and data transmission:

  • Remote Maintenance: Sends notifications for pad and battery replacements.
  • Data Transmission: Facilitates the transfer of usage data to medical professionals.

CPR Efficiency and User-Friendly Design

The CR2 uniquely supports chest compressions during ECG analysis and offers clear guidance:

  • Continuous CPR Support: Minimizes pauses between CPR and defibrillation.
  • Adaptive Volume: Adjusts instruction volume based on ambient noise.
  • Bilingual Support: Easy toggling between two preset languages.
  • User-Friendly Graphics: Simplified operation for all user levels.

Pediatric Compatibility and Shock Delivery

The CR2 is equipped with a child mode and robust shock delivery for effective treatment:

  • Child Mode: Automatically adjusts energy levels for pediatric use.
  • High Energy Output: Delivers up to 360J for potent shock therapy.

Durability and Warranty

Boasting an IP55 rating, the CR2 is resilient against environmental factors and comes with an extensive 8-year warranty, ensuring reliability and long-term use.


The LifePac CR2 AED's advanced features make it an ideal choice for comprehensive emergency care, suitable for both trained professionals and first-time users.