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Guide to AED Pads: Maintenance and Application

Types of AED Pads

There are various types of AED units, but their pads share common characteristics:

  • Self-adhesive Gel Pads: Stick to the skin for effective contact.
  • Cartridges and Packs: Different packaging formats.

Maintenance and Application Tips

Proper maintenance and application ensure AED pads perform effectively:

  • Check Expiry and Condition: Ensure pads are in date and undamaged.
  • Adhesive Properties: Reduce once opened or past expiration.
  • Correct Application: Follow instructions carefully for proper placement.
  • Do Not Remove Once Applied: Pads lose effectiveness if re-applied.
  • Regular Maintenance: Include pad checks in routine AED maintenance.

Ensuring AED pads are correctly applied and maintained is crucial for their efficacy during emergencies.