AED Warranty

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AED units are classified as medical devices. Anyone can buy one you don’t need any special training to actually buy an AED unit.

It is very important to fill in the registrations cards, for different reasons.

The first main reason is that CPR regulations change and an AED with CPR help will need to be updated. These changes have occurred every five years since 2005 and if your unit has not been registered, you may not be informed about the updates that are required.

The manufacturer may need to notify you of other software updates, this may involve sending the unit back to the manufacturer or supplier. If you have purchase a lot of units, it may be that someone would come out to upgrade those units for you.

The other reason is unlikely but the manufacturer may want to recall a product or you may decide that you want to upgrade, if you haven’t filled out the warranty this will not be possible.

The only method of tracking the units is by registration of the units and warranty cards so it is very important to do it.

In cases where AED units are in the workplace, your risk assessment may also be affected, if you fail to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which would include registering the product and warranty cards.