AED Warranty

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Understanding the Significance of AED Unit Registration

AED Units as Accessible Medical Devices

AED units, classified as medical devices, can be purchased by anyone without special training requirements.

Crucial Reasons to Register Your AED

Filling out the registration and warranty cards for your AED unit is essential for several reasons.

Updates on CPR Regulations

Stay Informed: CPR guidelines are subject to change, typically every five years. Registration ensures you're notified of essential updates.

Software Update Notifications

Up-to-Date Technology: Manufacturers might need to update the unit's software or recall products. Registration allows you to receive these important notifications.

Product Recall or Upgrade Options

Recall and Upgrade Alerts: Without registration, you might miss crucial recall announcements or opportunities to upgrade your AED unit.

Tracking through Registration

Unit Management: Registration is the primary method for tracking units, making it indispensable for effective management.

Workplace Compliance and Risk Assessment

Regulatory Compliance: In a workplace setting, failing to register the AED unit could impact your risk assessments and compliance with manufacturer instructions.


Completing your AED unit's registration is a vital step in maintaining its reliability and ensuring compliance with health and safety guidelines.